If you are reporting a bug, follow these steps to assist us in finding the cause of your bug

1. Delete the "gamelog.txt" file from your game folder to clear it.
2. Run the game as you normally would until it crashes.
3. Create a zip file with your savegame and your "gamelog.txt" files.
4. Post your bug report with details of how and when you get the crash.
5. Attach the zip file to your report.

Author Topic: Crazy and PP's mod bug thread  (Read 302959 times)

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Re: Crazy and PP's mod bug thread
« Reply #1275 on: December 15, 2018, 06:44:55 PM »
I've played for awhile now and I started NOT using or assigning girls to the studio and I have no problems whatsoever with crashing. Btw, I only have a girl there cleaning. So I was right. I've played this game for years but when I used this mod I got bug in places the normal game wouldn't. But now I'm staying away from making movies and not having any save problems or crashing at all. If you fix anything in this game make sure it's the studio, mainly the scene menu and how to manage it without crashing. If you give an option to delete scenes or to clear all scenes