Author Topic: "randomized" sex actions. (i.e. tired that "bdsm sex" is always vaginalsex too?)  (Read 5150 times)

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hmm where should i start?...

basically the idea is to splitup the current sex actions into "type" and "place" (maybe even "how" and "number" if you want to make it complicated) and generate from these the actual sex actions.
so they are a bit more varied and not set in stone like they are currently.


currently we have: anal, bdsm, normal sex, beast, group and lesbian.
as stats we have too: service and stripping.
and as "player interact with girl actions" there is: chat and blowjob.
why cant customers have blowjobs too?

also when you prohibid all sex actions there are weird messages when the girls "would do a customer". but what do they do actually?
maybe something like "spend the time together talking" or "relax in the brothel pool with a sexy girl" or "take a walk around the brothel garden"... atleast something else then just "sex".
where the charisma/intelligence/looks from the girl influence if the customer had fun or not.

or when you want, that a girl does bdsm but doesnt have sex at the same time? currently bdsm is always with vaginal sex.

also you might dont want the brothel sex restrictions to affect all girls. i.e. have one girl who does all the beast sex... or another with bdsm items to do primary bdsm. or you dont want the girl that you love to have any vaginal sex, but still allow her to "chat with customers" or blowjobs or stripping.


so to get this workling without that many changes i guess it could work when each "sex action" has a "type and a place".

"sex types" would be what the customer does with the girl:
Normal sex, Group sex, Beast, BDSM, blowjob, licking, gropeing, cosplay, exibithionism, masturbation, "chatting or spend time together without sex".
the list could be expanded of course... maybe even simply edited with txt files... i.e. a "sex type.txt" where you write all actions in and what stats are influenceing. and some i.e. "normal sex.txt" or "bdsm.txt" where you can write in the turn summary messages.

"sex place" would be what special girl area is involved i.e.:
mouth/face (for blowjobs, kissing), vagina (sex, or just licking, or dildo with lesbian), anus, body/tits (cumshot on the girl, gropeing, licking tits etc...)

"how" would discribe how the customer does it with the girl i.e.:
gently, rough, slow, quick, passive, forceing.
some girls might dont like rough/forceing and get unhappy/hurt... others like that more etc.

"number" would be the amount of customers at the same time:
1 girl, 2 girls, 3 girls, etc
1 guy, 2, 3, etc
1 beast, 2, 3, etc
this would influence if it is groupsex/normal/beast/lesbian... maybe each one could do something else too? (2 guys 1 girl... one guy vaginal sex one guy anus sex the girl kissing.  or 4 tentacle beasts one vaginal 2 cumming on her body and one over her face)

as i think noone wants to make new stats or rewrite all girls... so like this the current ones could be used as stats:
"anal sex" would be used as anal experience.
"normal sex" would be used as vaginal experience.
"service" as "mouth" experience.
"stripping" as "body" experience.
other stats that could influence these actions would be intelligence/charisma/libido/looks.
maybe gaining a point when the girl or customer likes the action and maybe even loseing a point when they dont like it.

turn summary happyness could be split into:
customer likes girl? (i.e. customer likes girl with charisma over 50, looks over 75, with elegant, without addiction and without clumsy)
girl likes customer? (similar to the above, some stats talents comparisons)
customer likes action? (i.e. girl stats in stripping over 40 + long legs = happy customer)
girl likes action? (i.e. customer "normal sex" stat under 20 + forceing "how sex type" = unhappy girl.)

if customers have stats and talents too (random girl mechanic?) these could influence the above. also the stats and talents of the girl would influence the happyness.


also the "brothel sex restrictions" could be adjusted to these "types" and "places".... maybe even "how" (i.e. forceing customers get kicked out).
there could even be some type of list with the girls as lines (+ brothel for overall restrictions) and the sex actions as colums.
so you can edit what each customer can do with what girl.... of course some customers could not follow these restrictions and just do whatever they want with the girl.
when your security is good the customer gets caught and kicked out... or placed in the dungeon so the girl can abuse him instead a bit... or feeded to teh beasts... or whatever.
if your security misses this your girl gets unhappy or hurt, or pregnant (i.e. when you restricted vaginal sex)) or kidnapped or whatever.


i know this mechanic is not "perfect" or even "great" and messes around the current mechanics (so i guess it wont get implemented), but atleast it is an idea how these "set in stone sex actions" could be changed.

atleast with this idea not EVERY bdsm action is vaginal sex all the time.
but instead it might be "customer gets whipped", "girl just gets tied up", "girl with lash and pet collar walks around the garden with customer", "customer forceing tied up girl for blowjobs", "girl gets tied up and aroused by a slime beast rubbing on her tits".
etc... its not always "bdsm sex" "bdsm sex" "bdsm sex"...   gamewise its still "the same", just a bit randomized (that it is once anal bdsm, once beast bdsm, once "chat bdsm", ....)

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at the very least, imo, it would be nice to have more variance in description, and/or the possibility of les group sex, or bdsm, etc. it would also be cool if we could see/have two girls serving the same customer/group customers.

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I think adding a 'service' category of images wouldn't be a bad idea.  These would be the main images used for stripper, dancer, bar and casino sex actions.  Pretty much any character with hentai images have some BJ/HJ/titfuck images, so this wouldn't require any extra searching for pack makers.

As for all the other stuff, I'm not sure there's a point.  Many characters are lucky to even have one or two images for many of the fetish categories at all, nevermind enough to make having lots of sub-categories useful.  Looking through just a few of my packs, I can say the default images would be getting triggered a lot if all these categories were added.

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All right let's see if I can do this with only A few spelling errors. (Will work on grammer and punctuation later.) Now wile the descriptions in the turn summery don't all ways reflect this you can add any type of picture you want into the game. So if for instance you want a BDSM pic of her simply being whipped and abused, or of her whipping and abusing the client (be they male OR female) you can name them BOTH BDSM. After that they will be chosen at random from the "pool" of BDSM pictures in the BDSM folder. Of course this only aplies if you can find moor than one type of picture per sex act. As far as the descriptions go, I don't really mind there generalizations much since I don't really pay much attention to them anyway.

Now with that out of the way, I will agree that a service act would be a nice addition.

One last thing, my apologies if any of that sounded mean or hurtful as that was not my intent.

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atleast with this idea not EVERY bdsm action is vaginal sex all the time.
but instead it might be "customer gets whipped", "girl just gets tied up", "girl with lash and pet collar walks around the garden with customer", "customer forceing tied up girl for blowjobs", "girl gets tied up and aroused by a slime beast rubbing on her tits".
etc... its not always "bdsm sex" "bdsm sex" "bdsm sex"...   gamewise its still "the same", just a bit randomized (that it is once anal bdsm, once beast bdsm, once "chat bdsm", ....)

You could have these, to make the sex acts more interesting to read. But you have to know, the chances of changing the way images work to support these is highly unlikely. You'll still get a random BDSM image that won't reflect what the text says at all. But that's the price you have to pay to add more of a narrative to the game.
Starter girls image additions progress:
26 girls, 18 to go

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actually i never meant images. (but i agree that a new "service" image type could be nice)
i meant the game sex actions/sex restrictions/sex turn summary texts.
the "goal" of this idea is basically to get more variety or details into what happens between customers and girls.

as currently there are just like 6 (?) different posibilities. (normal sex, bdsm, beast, lesbian, anal, group)
so instead of "normal sex" like now there could be: (normal= 1 customer) normal vaginal sex, normal anal sex, normal blowjob, normal handjob, normal bukakke, normal chat no penetration, normal gropeing, normal mastubation, etc
(as i said the goal is not to get pictures for all of that, but to get ingme turn summary text... and sex restrictions for this stuff.)

similar stuff for lesbian: les dildo girl, les dildo customer, les dildo both, les dildo anus, les licking, les gropeing, les masurbation girl/customer... etc
and the other "sex types" (beast, group, bdsm) would have a similar variety.

this idea somehow started with a few additions like "prohibit vaginal penetration", but that would currently prohibit atleast 4 of 6 actions (beast, normal, group, bdsm. not sure about lesbian, but i guess it counts as vaginal sex too.) just anal would be left then.
and with the player interaction option "blowjob" the idea was born to add a few more actions for customers too... like this blowjob. so vaginal prohibited girls could do 2 things now.

then the idea came up "why is bdsm or beast or group sex always vaginal?" why not make it random what gets penetrated? so there would be a chance that it is vaginal sex, a chance that its anal sex, or a chance that its no penetration atall but instead maybe a blowjob/cumshot/bukakke/masturbation stuff?

so now we have the randomizer "sex type" (bdsm, normal, group, beast, lesbian)
and the randomizer "where/penetration/place" (vagina, anus, mouth, body, hand...)

then i thought about groups/lesbian customers and added the customer "number" randomizer so it could be 1 guy, 2 guys, 3guys or girls or beasts... (basically some more detailed info what customers are involved... and maybe even info that they each one could do different things.)

in the end i thought "why not add a description how customers are doing these sex actions" (gently, rough, passive, forceing.) and let that influence if the girl/customer likes what they do or not.

also it would be possible to restrict these sex actions for each girl and not just the 6 brothel setting restrictions.

sorry when i write a bit confuseing :)
but maybe it is more clear now what i mean? uhh... maybe not...  atleast it has totally nothing to do with images :D more with turn summary customer+girl texts.