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Brothel Game - Proof Of Concept.
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:02:32 PM »

Hello whilst I currently looking for any (interesting project) that can use my sprites, I decided to put some kind of demo ones of my ideas for game.

The settings are simple Your parents died leaving you in distant country when you are something exotic to residents. After some time you get so large debt to your closest friend persuade you to become pimp for your sisters. So if I would have any talents in writing department it would be great corruption/netorare genre, but since I'm not a Shakespeare I could only make some simple dialogues to show my sprites how they looks in real game.

What you can see in demo:
- two of your sisters that can be "corrupted" (because there is lack of good writing there aren't any feel to it) to become your Whores.
- two and half clients who can be used to whore out your girls (one and half also does other things). Although all of them are black but in future I would provide some other skin colors *as for fantasy) to populate this town, it just I make a white skinned human rare in town.
- For testing gameplay takes for me about half an our.
- Bugs are very probable so if you see any either in game or sprite animation tell me.
- All sprites are my creations, although hairstyle are modified MV resource.
- Faces are MV generator creations so that why i used standard MV hairstyles to be compatible with faces.
- Tilesets/sounds/etc. are also standard rpg maker mv assets besides few sex sounds that I found on net.

Here you can have a link to play it and maybe SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO HELP ME TO DEVELOP IT TO PROPER GAME, if not don't expect quality from this.!ChMQBCKS!p3nTlS9y-2QO4u6VcFZTtucTmp8BSL74gpmej5bRoo8