Author Topic: Trait to Fetish association, list?  (Read 1115 times)

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Trait to Fetish association, list?
« on: August 02, 2017, 10:24:15 AM »

I have located these Fetishes in the github code:


I am unable to locate a list that associate each fetish with one or more Traits.

I mean, their titles are self-explanatory, but from various posts and notes in the code, I am doubting whether all Traits are correctly aligned with their associated Fetishes.

Can anyone help me find a list of traits for each of the above fetishes?`

Also, first post. Great game. :)

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Re: Trait to Fetish association, list?
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 07:36:54 PM »
I found it in here:

Basically, traits add or subtract a certain number of points from the value for a fetish and if the value exceeds 50 (not equals, exceeds), the girl is assigned the fetish type in question. There are two exceptions - Big/Small Boobs, for which the relevant value must also exceed the other value to prevent a character possibly having both (it is hypothetically possible that a character may have over 50 in both due to other traits), and Futanari, which is always assigned as a fetish if the trait is present.

Some of these trait -> fetish relationships are obvious. For example, the trait Nerd gives 60 points towards the fetish Nerd and Quick Learner gives +30 towards the same. Most addictions make a character cooler, freakier, and more dangerous, but less nerdy, elegant, and sexy. Having a Broken Will or being Mind Fucked makes a character all but ineligible for most non-physical fetishes except Freaky (-40 to Nerd, Cool, Cute and Sexy for Broken Will and -60 to all of those as well as -60 to Cute and Dangerous for Mind Fucked, but +40 towards Freaky for both). In general, "trashy" or "uncultured" traits like addictions, tattoos, piercings, proclivities towards violence, mental disabilities, and highly sexual traits (eg. Deep Throat and Porn Star) take points away from Elegant, while "classy" or "cultured" traits like high birth, technical or skilled jobs or jobs you might expect to see at a classy event, effective communication, and traits that indicate a lack of sexual experience or desire add points towards Elegant. Tall, Short, and Fat are all exclusively affected by height and figure traits and are unlikely to be seen on most characters, as the Tall and Short traits give exactly +50 to their respective fetish, so a character must have the Giant trait to get the Tall fetish and the Dwarf trait to get the Short fetish. Non/Part Human is affected by being a construct, a different species (or a Half-Breed), having prosthetics (Half-Construct), having supernatural powers, being in some way undead, and certain extreme physical and mental abnormalities (Different Colored Eyes, Strange Eyes, Malformed, Retarded, Abnormally Large Boobs, and Titanic Tits all gives points towards the Non/Part Human fetish). Most physical and mental abnormalities and disabilities give points towards Freaky.

Some of these are less obvious. For example, the Nerd trait also gives +5 towards the Small Boobs fetish. Also not particularly intuitively, MILF gives +15 towards the Freaky fetish, which is normally reserved for physical or mental abnormalities. Another oddity is that Muggle gives +5 towards Nerd, the same as Strong Magic gives. For some reason Dominatrix gives +5 to Elegant. Both small and extensive tattoos make a girl less elegant, but the mid-level tattoed trait has no effect on the elegant fetish.

The relationship between breast size and the Sexy and Nice Figure fetishes is on a curve that peaks at Big Boobs and is actually negative at both very large and very small sizes.

Diseases, fertility traits, relationship traits, and exclusively temporary traits do not affect any fetish types.

There are also a few "fetishes" that aren't actually fetishes listed on screen, such as SPECIFICGIRL indicates that a customer has a favorite girl and picks her because she's his (or her) favorite, rather than due to any specific trait, and I think TRYANYTHING is used to describe a customer's reason to choose a character that either fits none of their fetishes or doesn't fit any fetishes.