Author Topic: PyTFall 0.72 Beta "and take their sh!t" edition  (Read 9273 times)

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PyTFall 0.72 Beta "and take their sh!t" edition
« on: November 16, 2018, 11:44:13 AM »

Download (Hentai/NSFW):
- PC/LINUX (Beta v.0.72) (Mega)

Archive password: pytfall

Please support us at:

Major changes:
- New Exploration Guild business where the player can send out teams to the locations around the city, meet new people/monsters and "take their sh!t :)".
- Arena opponents are now placed in the proper battle row and equipped in with adequate equipment and magic.
- Image prediction has been improved, resulting in smoother gameplay.
- All bugs found by our testing crew have been resolved.
- Several improvements in balancing out the game (resulting in slightly more straightforward gameplay).

Visit: for more character packs.
And our discord:

PS: We're still in Beta stage, so there is a "cheating menu" available for those without the patience to grind through the game. Press ALT+SHIFT+A, a small icon will appear on the 'top-control-stripe,' it will have several basic cheating options available.

Plans for the next 0.85 "We got game" version:
- Gameplay Goals.
- Quests/Events/Story Arc.
- Update of the character class system.
- More 'status' battle skills.

Enjoy your play!

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Re: PyTFall 0.72 Beta "and take their sh!t" edition
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 04:18:06 AM »
Like what we're doing?

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Re: PyTFall 0.72 Beta "and take their sh!t" edition
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2019, 02:15:17 PM »
I have to say alpha was slightly more flexible but not in a significant way.  I have a recurring bug I haven't seen mentioned...
  I like to play Jin, not sure if it matters, I go Arena - enter arena - dogfight - 1v1 and crash.  I get an i/o error about 60%. 
This also occures when I have girls on my team.
The program is asking for a player profile pic it can't find because the name is in the wrong content coding style, I presume
the previous formatting.

I used to be able to convince girls to change jobs, I can't find any way to do that now... I miss it.

Notes to players - the material clearly says slaves cannot have armor or weapons, don't even try.  Seduce girls with combat ability
 to be on your team.  This is fairly clear by their answer to the question what they do.
If you want more clients you have to wait and build up reputation.  This comes from girls turning tricks, and when rep reaches 30
you will have new clients.  A rep of 80 will give you about 30 people you can't possibly serve.  A girl needs 20 to 30 Con to get AP 3.
We are told it takes a level around 20 to get a new tier.  This was in the old version by a different name.  It takes quite a while.
A girl with two stars in the right skill will usually get paid 30 g, if below that losing half is very common, it is also possible to get
paid zero, but fairly rare.  Click the girl's pic and you can have sex with her, this counts as training, but is slow, school does a better
job.  As long as your girls are getting 15 g regularly you should try to work in the slave area, later you can back off and work on
personal issues.  Never try to fight anyone more than two levels above you, it is easy to lose.